How do I check the status of my application?

My Applications module is available once you’ve registered and created a profile. The Promis Customer Contact Center is also available for inquiries at 1-242-4-PROMIS (242-4776647).

Under what circumstances am I entitled to benefits?

The main aim of social assistance is to help people and families to overcome hardship, so that they achieve a level of independence and improve their living conditions.
Social assistance benefits are non-contributory meaning, to make use of them, one doesn't need to have made contributions to any kind of fund or pension.
Social assistance encompasses benefits in cash and in kind (non-cash).

How do I know which Centre Boundary on New Providence I am in?

Click Here for New Providence Boundaries Map

Who is eligible for assistance?

Assistance is offered to Bahamian citizens or Bahamian permanent residents. Food Assistance and Shelter in the aftermath of a nationally-declared or local area disaster is offered to anyone within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
For some assistance types, applicants must meet certain criteria. These include:

  • Housing- Placement to Motel
  • Housing- Rental
  • Burial
  • Uniform
  • Food Ongoing
  • Financial Assistance- Assets
  • Financial Assistance- Utility

Proxy-means testing (PMT) is used to determine the eligibility of a household for some assistance types. PMT is based on fairly easy to observe characteristics of the household such as the location and quality of the dwelling, ownership of durable goods, demographic structure of the household, and the education of adults.

An interview aimed at assessing the personal, family, and income situation of the applicant forms the basis for giving social assistance benefits. It is carried out by a social worker within 14 days of the application being made.

How much are the benefits?
Assistance type Payment amount Payment schedule Payment method
FOOD Ongoing Single – $84 BSD 
2 members – $105
3 members – $126 
4 members – $147 
5 members – $168 
6+ members – $189
Monthly Digital wallet- Kanoo or MobileAssist
Emergency Single – $50 
2 members– $640 3 members– $70 
4 members– $80 
5 members– $90 
6+ members– $100 
Given every 3 months Food coupon
Disaster $100 per person N/A Digital wallet: Kanoo or MobileAssist
Uniform Pre-school – $120  

Primary school – $150 Secondary/high school – $180 

Once every 6 months Digital coupon
Housing Rental $1,200.00 Once per year Digital wallet
Shelter N/A N/A N/A
Placement to Motel Based on Motel rate and number of days placed to the Motel. N/A Paid directly to service provider
Burial Varies Once Paid directly to service provider
Financial Assistance  Utility Maximum of $1,200.00 Once every 6 months Paid directly to utility company
Assets Maximum of $5,000.00 Once every 3 months Paid directly to company
What is a Household?

A household may be one person living alone, a family, or several, unrelated individuals who live together and routinely purchase and prepare meals together. Certain family members or individuals who live together and do not routinely purchase and prepare meals together do not have to be included in the household. The following are considered as household members:

  • those who spent at least one week in the house in the past 4 weeks, 
  • those who in the past 12 months stayed 3 or more months in the house, 
  • live-in caregiver, 
  • students staying away from home, 
  • members who have been living in the household 6 months or more, 
  • members who have been living in the household less than 6 months under the following categories only: household head, infants less than 6 months old, members who just joined the household because of marriage, members who just joined as live-in servants, or a new household. 

The following are not considered as household members:

  • deceased individuals,
  • lodgers 
  • guests or visitors

 The decision of whether or not an individual must be included in the household is based on the Department of Social Service policies.

Who would be the Head of Household?

The designation head of household, also termed head of family, is applied to one whose authority to exercise family control and to support the dependent members is founded upon a moral or legal obligation or duty. 

I have been denied. What do I do now?

You have a right to a fair hearing. You can contact The Department of Social Services at 1-242-604-4200.