If you have been approved, you will receive the funds by the payment method you selected. Payment methods depends on the type of assistance you applied for. For persons with a smart phone/computer and access to wifi/internet, your preferred payment method is digital wallet. Ongoing food assistance recipient can also be paid by prepaid cards issued by the Bank of The Bahamas. Emergency food assistance is paid by printed coupons to be redeemed at Super Value.

You must download the digital wallet provider App from Apple Store for IPhone users or Google Play Store for Android users for the digital wallet provider. See the link here for contact information on the digital wallet providers.


If you receive Emergency Food assistance, a coupon will either be available at your nearest Community Support Outreach Centre, or on our online service portal for you to view, download or print. All coupons have a unique barcode on it and are redeemable only at participating stores.

For applicants who are given ongoing food assistance and who do not have a mobile phone, a prepaid debit card via the Bank of The Bahamas will be available for pickup at your Community Support Outreach Centre. Funds are uploaded to the card automatically at the end of each month.

For applicants who are given ongoing food assistance for three months or more and who have a mobile phone, funds can be uploaded to your mobile phone once you have downloaded the App of the digital wallet provider you select. Please note that Kanoo and Mobile Assist are the digital payment providers for food assistance in New Providence at this time. See link to contact information here.


For those applying for rental assistance, fully digital payments are made directly to the landlord via OMNI or Cash N Go digital wallet payment providers. The landlord will be contacted by one of these digital payment providers. Payment is then made into the landlord’s account at a financial services provider (FSP), to the landlord’s mobile phone if they have download the mobile App or arrangements are made for in-store cash pickup. Please note that Omni and CashNGo are the digital payment providers for rent assistance in New Providence at this time. See link to contact information here.


  • For burial, utility and other financial assistance, money is paid directly to the company

If you have need help to download the App for any of the digital payment providers, please contact the Support Desk/Help Centre of the digital payment provider. Some of the digital payment providers also has videos to help you to download their App. See link to contact information here.


  1. Food Assistance Programmes
    Food in a nationally-declared disaster is valued at $100.00 per applicant.

Emergency Food Assistance (EFA):

Household CompositionDollar Value
Single household member$50.00
Applicant with One (1) dependent$60.00
Applicant with Two (2) dependents$70.00
Applicant with Three (3) dependents$80.00
Applicant with Four (4) dependents$90.00
Applicant with Five (5) or more dependents$100.00

Ongoing Food Assistance:

Household CompositionDollar Value
Single household member $84.00
Applicant with One (1) dependent $105.00
Applicant with Two (2) dependents $126.00
Applicant with Three (3) dependents $147.00
Applicant with Four (4) dependents $168.00
Applicant with Five (5) or more dependents $189.00
  1. Housing Assistance Programmes:
    a. Rent Assistance: $1,200 maximum (within 12 month period)
    b. Placement at a Motel: paid directly to motel/hotel for a maximum of seven days

  2. Financial Assistance Programmes:

    a. Uniform and Foot Wear Assistance:
    Pre-School………………..$ 80.00 (Uniforms) ……$20.00 (Shoes) ….. $100.00
    Primary School……….. $100.00 (Uniforms)……$30.00 (Shoes)…… $130.00
    Secondary School….. $120.00 (Uniforms)……$35.00 (Shoes) ……$155.00
    *Applicants with 5 dependents maximum may apply

    b. Burial Assistance:
    $650.00 (maximum amount as need arises; payments are made directly to approved funeral homes)

    c. Utilities Assistance:
    Bahamas Power and Light …………..$600.00 (within 12 month period)
    Water and Sewerage……………………$600.00 (within 12 month period)

    d. Household Assets:
    Cooking Gas…………………………… $100.00 maximum for Tank Refill
    Cooking Gas and Tank …………… $300.00 (one time)
    Bed, fridge, stove ……………………Varies, based on need.